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We offer professional headshot retouching services for businesses at bulk quantity with state-of-the art quality. If you have corporate headshot editing needs, modeling, portraits for personal branding, promotion with products, or any other purposes for headshot image editing, we’re here to help.

ClippingFly guarantees the highest quality possible for any purposes you may need the image. Our expert retouchers have access to cutting-edge editing technologies and software to get you flawless, crisp images. Experience the best version of your branding with proper facial highlights and custom background.

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What Is Headshot Image Retouching

Headshot image retouching refers to the process of addressing issues in a portrait image and resolving them. It involves the use of basic to advance image editing software like Photoshop where the quality of output depends on the expertise of the retoucher.

You want to retouch your headshot or portrait images if you’re into personal branding or want a corporate look to your appearance. Presenting a product, tuning up beauty marks, removing glares and wrinkles, putting up digital makeup, everything go in this job.

Clippingfly Is The Best Headshot Retouching Service Provider

You know how important the job of a headshot editor is, but you need the right expertise for a flawless job. And ClippingFly is the best headshot retouching agency with a team of highly pro retouchers and a ton more reasons like:

High-Quality Results

Regardless of the quantity of headshot photos you throw at us, we maintain the highest quality in every single image. We make sure that every image has its message delivered and has the appeal it should have.

On-Time Delivery

We understand that you have your schedules. So do we. Therefore, our goal is to keep the deadlines on their place and deliver your images within the promised time. You can keep up with your production without worries.

Expert Help

In terms of both working on the images, and supporting you along the way, we have a team of the best professionals on the job. A team of retouching pros do the magic around the globe and keep it going around the clock.

Reasonable Pricing

Despite having the highest headshot retouching quality in the market, Clippingfly doesn’t charge you crazy high! We’ve got a highly competitive price range. You can make yourself comfortable, we even offer 5 retouches for free.

Why Headshot Retouching Service Is Necessary?

There are a ton of reasons why you may want to retouch your portrait images and headshots. Some important ones would be:

Present Your Best Self

It’s not necessary that you stay fresh and healthy all the time, just for the sake of capturing a headshot. Having your headshots retouched and edited can be your best chance to present your best self.

Bring The Corporate Look

Are you in the corporate world? Maybe you’re doing personal branding! Being in the corporate world, and not having your every headshot retouched before publishing is a mistake you want to avoid.

Fix Up The Color Imbalance

Sometimes, some color imbalance is all that keeps you from having a perfect headshot. Doing some basic retouches can bring those colors back to the image and give the image life that you’ve lacking.

Put Up The Right Makeup

Didn’t have time to put on makeup and completed a photoshoot? No worries, headshot editing can put a makeup on, or change the existing makeup’s color and tone. Don’t let makeup ruin your confidence.

What Do We offer In Our Headshot Retouching Service?

Our headshot image retouching service consists of everything portrait and headshot image retouching.

Basic Editing & Color Correction

We do basic image editing, color shifting, and corrections without touching the curves, hair or eye color, and all other natural aspects that make you the one who you are.

Glass Glare Removal

If you wear glasses, captured photo, and the glass glares are getting into the view, we remove that and give the glass a natural surface while keeping the other side intact.

Scars & Blemishes Removal

Scars and blemishes often are the last thing you want in a corporate or business headshot image. Our expert retouchers remove all those impurities and provide a flawless image.

Skin Smoothing And Toning

Lacking smoothness on the skin or an inferior skin tone can ruin a great picture. But with our skin retouching services, you can get those removed and have a beautiful portrait.


Teeth & Eye Correction

The eyes and the teeth are the elements that make a smile look gorgeous. If you’ve got dents in the eyes, maybe braces on the teeth, or yellowish tone, we’re here to fix them all.

Add Or Remove Makeup

Captured photos, and need makeup on them? We can add or remove makeup digitally without doing photography again. You can also recolor the existing makeup as you want.

Image Background Replacement

While we mainly do subject enhancement and retouching, if you’ve got distractions in the background, or want it to pop a bit more, we can work on the background as well!

Facial Features Improvement

Vanishing wrinkles, reforming lips lines, accentuating cheekbones, fixing eyes, straightening the nose, tweaking the forehead size, etc., we do every facial feature improvement you need.

Color Highlight Tweaks

Color reflections, spot glare reduction, and other color highlights make headshots a million times better. Our headshot retouching services get you the most accurate color tweaks.

Professional Headshot Retouching Samples

We’re the best headshot retouching agency for many good reasons, and top-tier retouching quality tops that all. Have a look at a few of our previous jobs and judge yourself!


How The Process Goes (Steps)

Here’s how the process goes and how we get things done for you:

You Send The Images

First, you can create an account in ClippingFly, and submit all your images and requirements for editing or retouching.

We Quote You Back

Our editing and retouch headshots professionals will evaluate the images and let you know how much the cost will be.

We Get To Work

After that, you will give us a green signal, and we’ll get to work. We get all the jobs done within the promised deadline.

Get Your Images

Once done, we’ll email you with the completion notification of the job alongside your u003cstrongu003e5 FREE retouchesu003c/strongu003e if you’re a new customer.

Who’d Benefit From Our Headshot Retouching Service?

We’re serving a wide range of industries and verticals to help businesses thrive with stunning headshots.

1. Corporate photography

Our headshot photo retouching service helps corporate houses get the best out of their portrait photography. Attract more clients and do better branding with our editing skills.

2. Personal Branding

Are you planning for personal branding with a robust appearance of your portrait? No worries, our photo enhancement service gives you the iconic stand you’re planning for.

3. Design Firms

Do you have a real estate interior design firm? Offer your clients the ultimate possibilities of their dream come true. We retouch your portfolios to bring the true tone of your work. We also redraw 2D and 3D floor plans, repurpose, or recolor images if you have a design firm.

4. Modeling Material

Modeling can be a lucrative business only with the best portrait image retouching that we offer. Get your name across industries as we give you the look a model should have.

5. Fashion houses

Standing out with a great design requires a great portrait of who’s wearing it. We work with a whole bunch of fashion houses who choose proper portrait images to pop their designs.

6. Promotional Portraits

Promote your products with beautiful portraits that help the product or design spread out in the wild. You need the best headshots to get the desired media exposure and clients.

7. White Label Retouching

If you have a design or editing firm and need white label image editors to cope with bulk orders, we can help you. Our white label image retouching service can ensure your success.

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