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Image Shadow Making Service

Image shadow making is an editing technique in Photoshop that gives an object or whole image a natural and realistic finish while enhancing certain features at the same time.

Image shadow making requires expert skill and creativity to do well, so it is not something we recommend you try and do yourself at home if you need professional and perfect results. A natural and reflection shadow creation technique, image shadow making is a process the requires expert hands and a keen eye for detail.

Our image shadow making service is quick and simple. Just let us know what you need doing to your image, and all your alteration requirements, and we will get to work quickly.

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Our Unique Features

Our image watermark removal service will professionally remove any watermark on any stock photo or image. Our watermark removal service is fast and effective. The results will be exactly the same as the original image.

Time Efficient Service

We are a dependable service that meets every deadline. No matter the size of your project, our expert team works together to ensure that all timescales are met and projects are submitted on time, every time.

A Fast Response

Our team works around the clock, so we are available to respond to queries, answer questions and generate quotes 24/7.

High-Quality Processing

We are a fast and effective team that does not skrimp on the details. All of our projects are handled meticulously, and quality is controlled before release. When you receive an order from us, it is the best quality that can be found online.

5 Free Images

So you can try our service without risk, we can offer you 5 free image shadow making edits! Just drop us your order request and we will get started straight away.

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Image Shadow Making Service

We have a few options for you to choose from when it comes to image shadow making. We make our service as easy as possible, and offer bespoke image shadow making packages for all of our customers.

Drop Shadow Making

Drop shadow making is part of our image shadow making service and is great for e-commerce products that make your objects appear 3-dimensionally on the product page. It is an advanced shadow making technique that is popular among retailers, but great for images with people too!

Luminosity Shadow Making

Luminosity shadow making creates a light effect that makes objects in images look dynamic, and adds depth. It is great for highlighting objects and showcasing items. Luminosity photo shadow making can be applied to any object or person.

Image Shadow Making Editing

Your image may already have a shadow that needs editing. Whether it is an artificial shadow or a natural shadow, we can enhance the shadow or move the show in different directions, as well as move the light source so the edits look realistic and natural.

Photo Shadow Making Service Pricing

Here at ClippingFly, we give you the most affordable photo shadow making services.

No matter how complex the image, we can cut out, add textures and enhance features with shadow making.

Basic Shadow Making


This is our most basic package for shadow making. We can cut out your object and place it on a plain background with a drop shadow. Alternatively, we can create a realistic drop shadow on any object within the original background. We have a variety of basic shadow types available.

Natural Shadow Making


A natural shadow differs from product shadows in that they are usually part of a wider image that must consider background objects and the light source.
The light source differs depending on the time of day, and position of the object. We can make your object or person look as though they are indoor or outdoor, in a lightened or darkened room. Whatever your wish for natural shadows, we can make it happen!

Mirror/Reflection Making


Our Mirror/Reflection making service is one of our most advanced outputs and the results are dynamic, eye-catching, and unique.
We will reflect and place any image on its shiny reflective ‘surface’ so your object looks like it has been placed naturally in its environment, for a stunning finish.


How The Process Goes (Steps)

Here’s we get things done from on boarding to delivery:

Send Us Your Sample

Send us the image you want us to apply image shadow making to and the nature of your request. We accept files of all sizes and formats

We Send Your Quote

Once we have received your order, we will evaluate your request and return it to you quickly with a no-frills quote.

Tell Us To Begin

We wait until you confirm all aspects of the order before we start any project. You can also make changes to your order and send updates quickly and easily.

Receive Your Image

As soon as we have completed your image and it has passed all of our quality control checks, we send your image straight to you. All you need to do is click and download!

What is a Photo Shadow Making Service?

Our photo shadow making service is a process that isolates certain aspects and elements in an original photo and adds effects that give depth to your image. It is a process of natural and reflection shadow creation that requires independent creativity to do well.

Photo shadow making is a layering technique. Our technicians apply making layers so they can make numerous edits to your image without compromising the quality of the original.

Making is used in a variety of editing techniques, and shadow making is among the most popular. Shadow making adds a sense of realism to your photos and helps create a 3-dimensional effect.

Different Types of Image Shadow Making Service

Our image shadowing service makes your photos look natural and solid. Our graphic designers are professional creatives that can transform your 2-dimensional object into a 3-dimensional object and add elegance to your image.

Drop Shadow & Curved Shadow Imaging

Drop shadow and curved shadow image making are used to showcase solid objects and text. It is a natural and reflection shadow creation tool that makes your images look great.

It is a technique whereby a shadow is cast around an object to give the appearance of solidity and add visual weight. The resulting object will appear more realistic, as though it is resting on a surface rather than floating in mid-air, as clipped objects without shadows often do.

Mirror Effect & Reflection Shadow Imaging

This imaging technique is classic with car manufacturers and smart device marketers.

Reflection shadow is similar to drop shadow in that it creates the illusion that the image is resting on a reflective or shiny surface.

With mirror/reflection making the object is made to rest on a partial reflection of itself, creating the illusion of shiny or mirrored flooring. This process makes images look sharp, modern, and sleek.

Natural Shadow Imaging

Natural shadow is what the name suggests, a natural, softer shadow that gently rests around the object to create a feeling of depth.

This technique lends itself to a more blended result. Natural shadow considers all options, such as light direction and the parameters of shadow.

This is a popular option if you wish to place an object inside another background to appear like it was part of the original picture.

Cast Shadow Imaging

Cast show imaging gives a 3-dimensional effect to 2-dimensional images by giving the appearance that the object is resting on the background.

This gives a less heavy result than a drop or curved shadow image, but the results are very appealing, and popular with clothes retailers and brand specialists that wish to promote an object without giving too much attention to its background.


Who Needs a Photo Shadow Making Service?

Many people need image shadow making services regularly. We cater to all kinds of shadow making requests for all sorts of reasons and purposes.

E-Commerce Business Holders

Ecommerce businesses rely on shadow making. Shadows make product photographs look more realistic and tangible. Companies that clip their images to white backgrounds without professional shadowing run the risk of their items looking 2-dimensional, and their company page looks more amateur.

Jewelry Companies

Jewelry companies often require the assistance of drop shadow services. Jewelry looks best on a white background but doesn’t look so good if it appears to be drifting in space.

Image shadow making is applied to make the object appear more solid and add a natural shine to the gems and metals.

Fashion Houses

Similar to jewelers, fashion houses require image shadow making services to help their products look more solid and appear as they would in reality. It’s more aesthetically pleasing to customers if they can easily envision what the item will look like in real life, without a distracting background. Image shadow making helps achieve this look.

Toy Shop Owners

Toy shop owners display toys with or without backgrounds, but either way, the toy must stand out in the image and look sturdy and well made. Image shadow making is commonly applied to toy images to achieve this look and make the toys look more attractive than what a basic raw image can produce.

Small Business Owner

Small business owners take advantage of image shadow services for a variety of reasons, either to showcase their product or to enhance their logos and adverts.

Shadow image making is a versatile tool that can be applied to almost anything, and make small businesses look like they have big budgets when it comes to a professional presentation.

eBay and Amazon Store Owner

Perhaps our most regular request for shadow image making comes from online store owners that use eBay and amazon who don’t accept raw images and prefer sellers who have a more professional look.

Customers are more likely to buy from a company that has invested in the quality of its product images. If the product looks realistic then the customer places more trust in the seller.

Why Choose Clipping Fly For Shadow Making Service?

Clippingfly is the best photo shadow making service that can be found anywhere online. We are not your average clipping path and image shadow making service, we hire only the best experts in the field and although their work is exceptional, it must pass our tough quality controls before it is released to the customer.

This way, you can order with us with confidence in the fact that your order has been thoroughly checked and processed with a fine-tooth comb. We hold ourselves to an exceptionally high standard and work hard to maintain our top spot as the leading photo shadow making service.

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