High End Jewelry Retouching Services

Jewelry Retouching is no ordinary photo editing that you can get done with ordinary editing skills. To bring the true color and spark of jewel, you need a complex set of skills with proper know-how of Jem stones and precious metal.

That’s where we come in and offer the best jewelry retouching service. We offer you the skill set that helps you stand out from the crowd, and help your customers and visitors see the true sparkling aesthetics of the jewelry.

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What Makes Clippingfly Your Best Choice?

Clippingfly can be your best partner to get all your designs and editing done with:

High-Quality Results

Our jewelry retouching team of professionals is the best you can find today. With extensive expertise and years of experience, we do it while maintaining the highest possible quality.

Fast Service

While we keep our standards high, we also do things fast here at Clippingfly. If you’re worried about time zone difficulty, but no worries, we’re across the world, at all time zones.

Expert Help

Facing difficulties understanding what to do or where to start? No worries, our expert support team is standing by, on your mark, around the clock. Knock us now, get pro support.

Great Prices

Doing iconic work shouldn’t cost you a ton! Our competitive pricing will surely set your table on the comfort zone. More so, we even offer 5 free retouches for on-boarding!

What Includes Into Our Jewelry Retouching Services?

We’re offering our Jewelry photo editing and retouching service to help you with:

Clipping Path And Background Removal

Replacing the existing background with an aesthetic one, or manipulating the image with a clipping path. We do it all with the highest quality.

Precious Metal Color Enhancement

Precious metal doesn’t get the color you want while taking pictures. Let us bring the true color of the metal that will surely attract your customers.

Metal Texture Fixing

We bring the true texture to metal, fix uneven surfaces, and smoothen bumps or cracks. This enhances the way you look at previous ornaments.

Dust, Dent, And Scratch Cleaning

Got some dust on the metal, have a dent on the jewelry or scratch on the stone? Our job is to clean them all and give you a flawless image.

Gemstones Editing And Enhancement

Gemstones need vast enhancement to bring its true appeal to life. Our team is specialized at doing this. See our samples for your reference.

Creative Jewelry Editing

If you want to add or subtract an object from the jewelry to enhance the way it looks or for variations, use our creative jewelry editing service.

Reflection Removal

Reflection is a common issue to deal with while doing jewelry photography. Don’t worry, we remove reflections, even from see-through stones.

Natural Shadow Enhancement

Got some natural shadow of the jewelry, and want it intact after retouching? We’ll keep it and give you a natural presentation for your viewers.

Recoloring Gold And Silver

Do you want to have gold and silver variations for your jewelry? We’ll recolor the image with different color variations, keeping the details intact.

Light, Color, And Shadow Correction

The light angle, stone or metal color, and the shadow; we’re here to give you control over it all. We’ll correct them all and make it seamless.

Position And Object Fixing

We manipulate image positions, make a better presentation, and fix faulty parts of the jewel. Stand out from the crowd with better views!

Color Preservation And Fine Adjustment

Our extensive jewelry editing skills can help you enhance the way your jewelry looks with color preservation, enhancement, and fine-tuning.


Professional Jewelry Retouching Samples

Don’t take our words for our quality! Have a look at the jewelry retouching jobs we’ve done already for our clients:


How It Works

Here’s the process we undertake when we offer the jewelry retouching service from onboarding to delivering:  

Send Over the Criteria

Log into your account and submit all your criteria along with all the images through our live chat in the portal, or by opening a ticket.

We Quote You Back

We will respond to your query, offer up to 5 images for free if you’re a new user. We analyze the work, and quote you with a deadline.

Give us the Go Ahead

After getting the quote and doing your math, if you’re okay with the price, you give us a go. We don’t start the job until you approve.

Get Your Images

We’ll work on the project, keep you updated, and deliver them back to you within deadline. Also, we’ll notify you over email once done.

Who Can Benefit From Our Jewelry Retouching Service?

Our jewelry retouching service is extremely beneficial for certain types of businesses and individuals like:

1. E-Commerce Businesses

If you own an ecommerce business where you sell jewelry items, our retouching service can be the best thing you’ve tried in a while. It’ll attract your visitors with the urge you want.

2. Jewelry Companies

Our jewelry image retouching service can be your next big move to showcase your jewelry collection. As your visitors do the judgement after seeing the image, you get a higher ROI.

3. Vendors & Store Owners

If you own a jewelry store at a large ecommerce site (Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc), we’re here to help. Send us over your jewelry images and let us help you stand out in the crowd.

When You Need A Jewelry Retouching Service?

People need to see a jewelry image and people going to buy it. Why bother with a jewelry retouching service then? Well, here’s why:

1. To Present Things Better

Your customers decide on a purchase just by looking at the presentation you have on the page. You only land a sale with a sharp, shiny, and nifty image of your jewelry on display.

2. Stand Out In The Crowd

Every single competitor of yours is trying to outdo you, and there are thousands of them. To stand out in the crowd, you need images of your jewelry that stand out from the ordinary.

3. Sharpen Dull Images

Whether you’re in the jewelry business, or you just sell them, there’s no alternative to having sharp and detailed images of the items. Your dull images can shine bright with retouching.

4. True Color And Tone

Cameras don’t capture the true color, or don’t separate the bushy subject from the background. Only a pro retouching can bring the true potential of the gems’ color and tone.

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