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Photo Retouching Service

Our retouching service will remove any blemish or flaw from your image. Whether your image is of objects or people, we can make any image look perfect and fit for display in an online store, portfolio, personal album, or frame.

Our Photoshop technicians work with top companies and high-street brands to create those picture-perfect images we all know and love.

Even if your image contains obscure color pallets and complicated objects, we are a match for any portrait, digital photo, photography, or professional photo retouching job.

Clipping fly has years of experience and has instant access to the best photoshop experts and retouching professionals that can be found online anywhere. Contact us now for a no-obligation quote and get your project started with the best photoshop processing team around!

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Our Unique Features

High-Quality Results

We have access to the best photoshop technicians that the industry can offer. Our service will
correct and enhance any image, we are experts in glamour shots, product retouching, flaw
removal, and much more.

A Fast Service

Time can be sensitive. We work around the clock to meet even the tightest of deadlines. We are
a global network of technicians that work in all time zones. There is no deadline too short that
we can’t meet.

Expert Help

Our technicians have years of experience under their belt. Whether you require a personal
portrait retouching service or a professional photography touch-up service, they know what they
are talking about.

Great Prices

We make our prices competitive so you can be sure that you won’t find a cheaper, high-quality
service anywhere else. We offer regular customer discounts as well as 5 free image retouching
requests for new customers.

Photo Retouching Service

Our digital photo retouching service has several different options for you to choose from. All you need to do is send us your request and one of our professionals will get to work quickly

Color Correction Service

Our highly skilled designers have a keen eye for color. They can make multiple color changes to any object and produce a natural and realistic result.
We can solve any color correction issue you have. We are capable of working across any color palette and will find your exact match.

Wedding Photo Retouching Services

Make that special moment even grander. Our wedding photo retouching services and photography touch up services are suitable for private individuals and photographers. We will enhance both people and backgrounds and create a dynamic but balanced result that makes that special day glow all the more

Portrait Retouching Service

We work with human skin textures like no one else. Whether your image is in full color or black and white, our portrait retouching service smooths out human skin tones and removes any flaws. We can even add extras, like make-up

Image Retouching Service – Pricing

We work hard to keep our prices low and affordable, so no matter your budget you can access great images at any time. We offer new customers 5 free image retouching requests, and tons of offers are available for our existing customers.

Basic Image Photo Retouching Service


Our basic package can cover most of your needs. This package is designed for distance shots or either humans or objects. It is a great option if you need red-eye removal, skin correction, teeth whitening, image cropping, color correction, and blemish removal.

Professional Photo Retouching Service


The perfect package for photographers, or those looking for something more advanced. Our professional photo retouching package is great for group shots or professional business headshots.
It comes with everything offered in the basic package, as well as small object removal, stray hair removal, body retouching, weight reduction, and pro beauty enhancements.

Executive Photo Retouching Service


Our executive package can remove even the finest of details. From small intricate changes like braces removal and glasses glare, we can also swap heads, change eye color and size, and remove facial wrinkles and creases in clothes.
We can add accessories, remove objects or people entirely and alter the image in any way you want. The sky’s the limit!


How The Process Goes (Steps)

Here’s we get things done from on boarding to delivery:

Send Us Your Request

Either login into your customer portal or submit via live chat, our system allows you to send
multiple images quickly and simply.

We Deliver Your Quote

New customers will receive up to 5 free image requests before a dime is spent. Alternatively,
one of our experts will pick up the order and respond immediately with a quote and a deadline.

Give us the Go Ahead

We don’t start a project without your approval. So you can receive your quote without pressure
or obligation, we wait for you to respond to us to get the job started.

Get Your Images

We will send your images as soon as they are ready. We send directly to your email address so
you don’t have to hang around or log back into our site to get your order.

What is Image Photo Retouching?

Many people get photo retouching and photo editing confused. The difference is in the details. With retouching, you get much more choice, and the process is more complicated than a simple

Editing is the basic process of resizing a picture, cropping it, refining the contrast and the temperature of the image.

Retouching takes care of the finer details. Retouching removes all blemishes, enhances color or changes it completely, brightens the teeth, and illuminates the skin. It does all the work that editing cannot.

Types Of Image Retouching Service

There are various categories of picture retouching services that are available for our customers.
We cover all aspects of picture retouching services and more. Here are a few examples of what
we can do:

Portrait Photo Retouching

A popular option for freelancers, entrepreneurs, or anyone who needs a professional-looking headshot. A fantastic-looking portrait is essential if you want to make an impression and stand out.

We will retouch the skin, remove blemishes, clear up blurry lines, enhance colors and make
your portrait more appealing and professional.

Wedding Image Retouching Service

A popular request for couples that took their own photos or wedding photographers who do not have the software or skill to enhance the photos themselves.

Our retouching service will give that special day an extra touch of sparkle. We remove red eye, open closed eyes, whiten teeth, enhance color spectrums and give those cherished memories an added touch of elegance and magic.

Body Editing

Body editing is a popular package, whereby we can change the height and weight of anyone, remove or add body parts or switch out body parts for new ones entirely.

We can also change the color and look of clothes, remove clothes, and change the shape and size of garments.

Newborn Retouching

That newborn stage is over so quickly, so we are happy to retouch any newborn image and help you capture those precious early memories.

We can brighten and soften the tone of any image, and remove wrinkles from blankets, pillows, and other materials. We can change the background, or remove the background entirely.

Product Retouching

We can enhance and retouch any object or product to make it more appealing and enticing to your customers. We will match the tone and mood of your object to your brand and give your marketing and sales targets a boost with beautifully crafted images.

Jewelry Retouching

We add the glitz and glamour to the jewelry photography touch-up service. Often, a photo alone fails to capture the beauty and sparkle of elegant objects like fine jewelry. We will optimize your image so it looks realistic, and can remove any mannequins in the original photo.

Photo Manipulation

With our photo manipulation service, you tell us what you want for your image and we will get it done. We can remove people or add people or objects from images, make objects or people bigger, or closer together.

Real Estate Retouching

We don’t just specialize in making people and objects look more appealing, we retouch
buildings and interior rooms.

Get that sale by enhancing space and making rooms appear larger, grander, and overall more attractive to buyers.

We also remove unwanted elements, such as trash bins, parked cars, or weeds so your customers can get a clear view of your real estate.

Photo Restoration

A popular request for birthdays and anniversaries. Sometimes we need a clearer look down memory lane with enhanced and digitized copies of old photos.

No matter the age of the photo, we can restore it to its original clarity, and even better, We can even add color if desired.


Professional Photo Retouching Samples

Don’t take our words for our quality! Have a look at the photo retouching jobs we’ve done already for our clients:

When To Use a Professional Photo Retouching Service

If you have any advanced issues that need resolving, or you want to completely change an
the aspect of an image, such as person removal, then you will need to access a full digital photo
retouching services like Clipping Fly.

Retouching is the best option for photo alterations if you want the finished image to appear
natural and realistic.

When Not To Use a Photo Retouching Service?

If you wish to only crop and image or change its size, then a retouching service is not required.

There are lots of free software available to resize images, change the contrast, tone, or
temperature of an image. It is quite simple to do yourself, and you will not require such a
complicated service as photoshop retouching.

Who Needs Digital Retouching Services?

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We work with a variety of customers and businesses worldwide, who have a variety of reasons
for needing a digital photo retouching service.

We deliver the best results because we have years of experience working on projects of all
levels that required several adjustments.

E-Commerce Business Holders

Probably one of our most regular customers is those who work in e-commerce. Without a
the physical store, e-commerce customers rely on images alone to sell their products so they need
the best image editors they can find, that’s when they come to us!

Jewelry Companies

Jewelry companies always need retouching services as they mostly have to rely on mannequins
to take a good photo of their products.

Fashion Houses

Similar to jewelers, fashion houses may capture the best images for their products but models
or garments need to be retouched and enhanced, a flaw removal is also a popular option with
these outlets.

Toy Shop Owners

Toys look best when they are represented error-free and looking their best. We remove glare
and enhance colors that kids love.

Small Business Owner

A professional image that is flaw-free and has a professional finish does wonders to enhance an
online portfolio.

eBay and Amazon Store Owner

eBay and Amazon products rely on uniformity and enhanced specs to show off their products
and increase sales.

Why Choose Clipping Fly For Retouching Services?

Choosing us for your retouching needs means that you will get the results you need,

We are a team of professionals that have a love and dedication for creating beautiful images.
We put our customers first and work tirelessly to make your image perfect for an affordable

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