How Much Does It Cost to Use a Clipping Path Service?

It can be challenging to determine fair pricing for clipping path services, as the cost to edit your images can vary quite a bit depending on the image specifics. So how much does a clipping path really cost?

When researching clipping path service rates, you’ll find a price range from a few dollars per image to over $10 per photo for complex edits. But there are good reasons for these cost differences. In this guide, we’ll break down the key factors that affect clipping path pricing so you can optimize costs based on your unique image editing needs.

How Much Does It Cost to Use a Clipping Path Service

Factors That Impact Clipping Path Service Pricing

Several variables influence the costs charged by firms that provide clipping path services. The main factors that affect the price per image include:

Image Size and Complexity 

The most significant factor in clipping path pricing is the complexity of the images and the level of detail required. Simple product shots on white backgrounds are easier and faster to edit than images with intricate backgrounds and high resolution. For example:

  • A simple jewelry image with a white background may only cost $0.19 per image for basic clipping path. But a complex fashion photograph with gradients and detailed elements may cost $4-$8 for the same service.
  • For a high-resolution photograph that is digitally manipulated to isolate the product and remove the background, costs can surpass $10 per image due to the specialized skills required.

So the more layers and components in a photo, the more effort it takes to get a quality clipped image, and the higher the price per image.

Turnaround Time Required 

Rush turnaround times can increase the costs of clipping path services. Basic edits may require just 1-2 days. But for a tight deadline like a few hours, fees are usually higher to account for out-of-hours or overtime effort required.

  • For a 48-hour turnaround, the cost is usually the base rate according to image complexity.
  • For a 24-hour rush order, expect at minimum a 30% upcharge.
  • For even faster turnarounds like 6-12 hours, fees can be 50-100% higher.

So factor in your project deadline as longer timeframes allow for more efficient batch processing which reduces costs.

Additional Editing Services Needed 

If you require other photo editing like retouching or compositing along with clipping paths, it involves more specialized skills and time. So adding extra services in addition to cutouts will increase the per-image fees.

Common bolt-on services include:

  • Background removal
  • Color correction
  • Shadows/highlights adjustment
  • Resizing and cropping
  • Reflection creation
  • Product retouching
  • Compositing (combining images)
  • Ghost mannequin effects

The more complex the end result you want, the more value added by the graphic designer’s skills. This gets factored into the per-image price.

Average Cost Ranges for Clipping Path Services 

To give you an idea of average clipping path rates, here are typical price ranges grouped by image complexity levels:

Simple Image Clipping Path Prices: Expect to pay around $0.19 to $0.50 per image for basic shapes and backgrounds. Think product photos with clean lines and solid colors.

Medium Complexity Image Clipping Path Prices: For images with slightly more intricate details like hair or fur, prices can range from $1.00 to $3.00 per image.

High Complexity Image Clipping Path Prices: Buckle up for images with tons of detail, like jewelry photos or action shots with blurred backgrounds. These can cost anywhere from $3.00 to $10.00 per image, or even more depending on the specific requirements.

These price ranges assume standard-size images under 20 megapixels. For giant high-res photos, the costs may be higher depending on the production time required.

When Paying More for Clipping Path Services Makes Sense 

While it’s logical to want to minimize prices, there are times when paying higher rates for clipping path services is worthwhile:

For Highly Complex Product or Model Photography

Top brands selling luxury apparel, jewelry, or high-end consumer goods rely on breathtaking photography. This requires master-level clipping path skills to isolate intricate details flawlessly. Investing in quality for important brand assets that represent premium positioning makes sense.

For Rush Turnaround Times Like 1 Hour or Same Day

If you have an urgent editing need for a client, event, or campaign launch, paying extra for rapid clipping path turnaround ensures you meet your deadline. Even if express fees are higher, you avoid losing a client or missing a launch date.

For E-commerce Sites with Thousands of Product Images

Clipping paths are essential for cleanly showcasing products against white backgrounds on eCommerce sites. With large volumes of product images, outsourcing clipping paths at competitive rates saves enormous effort vs. editing in-house. The cost savings compound as your image library grows.

For any of these use cases, the value gained from professional clipping path services justifies paying higher rates for top-tier production quality and rapid turnaround. 

The Value of Professional Clipping Path Services 

Beyond understanding the cost factors, it’s also important to recognize the tangible benefits achieved by using a dedicated clipping path company:

How Clipping Paths Improve Image Quality and Appeal 

Clipping paths make images look their absolute best by:

  • Isolating products/subjects cleanly from busy backgrounds
  • Allowing perfect white or colored digital backdrops
  • Improving color contrast and brightness
  • Enhancing details with precision masking
  • Correcting flaws or distractions in the image

This polished end result has immense value for eCommerce websites, print catalogs, marketing campaigns, and other visual content. Outsourcing this work to clipping path experts frees up your graphic designers for core creative tasks.

Optimizing Costs for Different Image Editing Needs 

A clipping path partner with scalable capacity lets you cost-effectively handle all your imagery – from one-off urgent jobs to massive batches of product shots. Their specialized skills and technology streamline the process.

When production volume is inconsistent, you pay only for the work you need. There’s no expense for unused capacity with outsourced clipping path services.


Determining true value from clipping path companies requires looking beyond just the price per image quoted. The complexity of your images, the urgency of deadlines, and the scope of editing required all play cost factors.

Investing in quality for important brand photography or leveraging capacity for large eCommerce catalogs makes the higher costs worthwhile. For maximum productivity, the clipping path process must align with your business priorities and content workflow needs.But for simpler images and projects, affordable rates – even offshore – may suffice. Defining your content goals, image assets, and turnaround needs first allows you to optimize spending on clipping path services for the best ROI.

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