How Much Does It Cost to Use a Color Correction Service

Lately, I’ve been wondering what it would cost to get some of my photos professionally color-corrected. I take lots of pics for my blog and business promos, but they don’t always turn out looking vibrant or uniform, you know? I wanna make the colors pop more consistently across my set. However, hiring an editing service sounds confusing and expensive. How much should basic color correction even cost? What things end up affecting the price tag? I did some digging into average rates and packages so I can make an informed budget. Here’s a quick look at what I found out!

Key Factors That Impact Color Correction Costs

When I think about getting my photos color corrected by a pro service, the first thing I wanna know is – how much is this gonna set me back? The price can really vary, depending on the type of editing I need and how many pics I have for them to work on.

Let me break down the biggest things that impact the costs when I hire an image color correction service:

Image Attributes – Format, Batches, Resolution

Image format – Higher resolution formats like RAW and TIFF have more color data to work with, and take more time to process. Expect to pay a premium over basic JPEGs.

Batches and volume – Bulk discounts come into play when color correcting 10, 50, or 100+ images in one job. The more images, the lower the per-image rate.

Resolution – Higher resolution images have more pixels and color details to manipulate, increasing complexity and costs (e.g. 12MP vs 50MP camera images).

Complexity of Editing Needed

This plays a major role in pricing. Basic color balancing and tone editing can be simple tweaks done in seconds. Whereas major makeovers with skin smoothing, object removal/replacement, compositing, special effects, etc become much more intricate and time-consuming.

Basic color correction – Adjusting white balance, contrasts, and saturation. Straightforward for any competent editor to achieve uniformity across a batch of images.

Heavy retouching/manipulation – Intricate manual editing like airbrushing skin, swapping backgrounds, and compositing elements from multiple images. Requires advanced skills and artistic capabilities.

Service Level Factors

There’s a wide range of providers offering color correction, each with different rates based on experience, tools, and operational expenses:

Individual freelance editors – tend to offer the most budget-friendly rates since it’s just their own time and skills being leveraged, with minimal overhead expenses. But can lack consistency and reliability.

Small creative shops – A step up for quality and accountability. But increased staff and operational costs mean slightly higher rates.

Full-service post-production studios – Top tools, talent, and accountability to handle large-scale commercial projects. But the highest rates are in line with their overhead expenses.

Service Options

Various add-ons and service options that enhance a color correction job also impact the costs:

Basic color correction vs. retouching/enhancements – As outlined above, turning basic WB/contrast adjustments into major photo makeovers raises complexity and prices.

Turnaround time – Rush orders requiring fast 24-hour or 48-hour turnarounds tend to come with premium expedited fees.

Revisions and feedback loops – Needing numerous back-and-forth revision cycles to get the images “just right” adds extra working time and costs.

How Much You Will Need to Pay for Color Correction Service?

Below are some typical service packages and rates to help give an idea of real-world price points charged by post-production shops and freelance retouching experts when quoting image color correction jobs –

Professional Level 

Professional color correction services typically charge higher rates due to the level of expertise and precision required. For instance, McKenna Pro charges $1.16 per image for 1-100 files and $0.41 per image for 101+ files. FixThePhoto offers color correction services starting from $0.25 per image, and Zenith Clipping offers services starting from $0.39 per image.

Semi-Professional Level

Semi-professional services often involve more complex adjustments than basic color correction. Ephotovn Photo Editing Services offers simple color correction starting at $0.50 per image, medium color correction starting at $1.00 per image, complex color correction starting at $3.00 per image, and super complex color correction starting at $5.00 per image.

Amateur Level

For amateur or beginner level, the average price for freelance photo editing services on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr is around $9. However, some services offer lower rates for bulk orders, such as, which offers bulk pricing for color correction services at $0.15 per image for orders with 50+ images.

Please note that these prices are estimates and actual costs may vary based on the specific requirements of the project, the turnaround time, and the service provider. It’s always a good idea to get a quote from the service provider before proceeding with the work.

Strike a Balance Between Quality and Affordability

Color correction done well brings visual consistency and professionalism to product catalogs, model portfolios, and advertising campaigns. But overpaying for excessive services not needed for your images just wastes money.

Be honest about your objectives, set realistic expectations around possibilities/limitations, develop a budget threshold, then seek quotes aligned to that budget. Ask for samples and test runs on 1-2 images before committing to large batches if uncertain.

For many, that may mean starting with basic correction services from freelancers and slowly increasing scope and investment as business grows. What level lands as the “sweet spot” for optimizing visuals without overspending comes down to trial and error. But with a grasp now on the pricing factors at play, you can make more educated decisions while getting the most mileage from your marketing images.

Still Unsure What Your Images Require or What Budget to Set?

As this article outlined, there’s a broad spectrum that image color correction and editing services span across.

If you’re still unsure exactly what your images need or what level of investment makes sense for your goals, don’t hesitate to seek professional guidance.

Many post-production studios offer free image evaluation and consultation services to help clients strategize the right solutions. They can assess examples of your current images, discuss the types of corrections needed, and provide ballpark quotes tailored to your actual needs.

There’s no obligation to purchase after a consultation. But they can provide that insider expertise about best practices for your niche and what budgets typically work for similar cases. Rather than just guessing, get the insights from a pro to make informed decisions.

Just reach out for a friendly exploratory call or to send sample images for evaluation. The right color correction partners actually want to help you avoid both under-investing and over-investing so visuals, budgets, and ROI all align in your favor.


Determining the cost for professional image color correction requires balancing various factors – the volume of images, the level of editing complexity needed, options like rush delivery and revisions, the experience and rates of different providers, and more.

The good news is there’s flexibility across that spectrum to strategize what works best for your budget and goals. Now armed with the pricing insights and typical rates overviewed here, you can make more educated decisions in finding that sweet spot.

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