How Ecommerce Photo Retouching Helps Boost Sales – Complete Guideline

Online ecommerce stores shouldn’t miss the opportunity of getting more customers and boosting their sales. Using product images remains the perfect way to get more customers on their Ecommerce website. So how can Ecommerce Photo Retouching Helps Boost Sales?

Ecommerce Photo Retouching can help boost sales by reducing return rates, increasing your visibility online and limiting your bounce rates. Ecommerce platforms can get more customers and increase sales by uploading clear photos which depict the benefits of buying their products.

When viewers check the website, they can be happy with your product and purchase them. A clear product picture appeals to customers and gets you more sales.

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In this article, we will delve into what photo retouching is, the importance of photo retouching, techniques used and how it can help boost sales.

What Is Photo Retouching?

Photo retouching is when you try to improve the physical appearance of an image. In photography what this implies is that you want to get rid of some defects and make your photos look better.

Photo Retouching is required to remove defects in online photos, fashion publications and other images. Sometimes, it can be used for altering photos before the final presentation. Moreover, retouching a photo can also involve small adjustments in photos caused by dirt to the camera.

What Is Photo Retouching

Many people and eCommerce stores sometimes use photo Retouching Service For Ecommerce business to help polish their products image. This takes place after technical adjustments like cropping, colour corrections and white balance.

Techniques used in photo retouching

There are some popular techniques used in photo retouching, they include

Techniques used in photo retouching

Spot healing

Spot healing

Spot healing is a tool present in several image editing software. When you are involved in photo retouching, you use this tool to get rid of blemishes on the face.

Ecommerce businesses have professional photographers who are experts in using this tool.

Frequency adjustment

Frequency adjustment Retouching

If you are interested in making important tweaks to the texture of the skin in your photo, this tool works fine.

Many use this tool to fix blurred or oversharp images. After finishing with this tool, the editor ensures the skin tone on the image shines brightly.

Dodge and Burn

Dodge and Burn

This photo retouching tool is an easy way of fixing light issues caused by some spots in the image. Many editors underrated this tool. After all, it seems too simple because it deals with lighting and darkness.

However, photo retouching with this tool deals with giving the photo the right quality. Also, this tool should be used in moderation to avoid ruining the overall quality of the image.

Eye retouching

Eye retouching

This modern photography tool allows the editor to work well with models and influencers. When working with models, regular adjustments are needed to make them look better.

This tool has some unique features like bag removal, eye colour changing and shadow adjustments. What makes this photo retouching tool vital is that it deals with the eyes, and has an attraction that majorly starts with the eyes, it is a good tool.

Toning, colour balance and Hue Saturation

This photo tool is primarily a colour filter tool. It is used to make changes on how the feelings of the viewer towards the image. When a photo gets a warm tool, it exudes a friendlier and more accommodating atmosphere.

Be subtle and moderate while using this tool because overdoing it will spoil the image. However, once an editor masters this photo tool, the quality of the photographs will be enhanced.


An easy retouching tool that isn’t talked about too much. It is a basic photo tool used by almost all editors. Users of this tool should know about the rule of thirds and golden ratio to master it. Any pictures in photography must have the right size which will appeal to the audience.

Clone Stamp

Clone Stamp

When you want a tool that will lighten a photo appropriately the clone stamp is reliable. It can be used to embellish the backgrounds or skin texture of models. The clone stamp offers an opacity that averages 20%.

You can use this tool to fix images limited to natural light. Many photographic experts love this tool because it is simple and flexible to use.

Curves Adjustment

Curves Adjustment

When using this tool, an editor can add better contrast to the pictures. Many photographers want small curves with several points every time.


Reasons to retouch your photos

While we have highlighted the many tools needed for photo retouching, what makes photography retouching important and why do so many people want to retouch their images?

Reasons to retouch your photos

Here are some answers to the questions:

Remove unnecessary objects

Photo retouching is important to get rid of some useless things. Several products need objects for them to have the desired post. After displaying the product, these objects holding them need to leave the background.

This is because these objects reduce the attractiveness of the product we want to market. Using photo retouching makes it possible.


Choosing the right images among millions of possibilities is very difficult. However, with culling, this is possible. Culling allows enhancing photographs and not manipulating them.

When culling, it doesn’t change the appearance of the photos. Changes in image basics should never be encouraged because it gives photos a fake look.

Remove image background

Another importance of photo retouching is that it helps remove backgrounds from photos. Many photographers spend quality time taking great pictures, however, some backgrounds might make the picture look bad.

You will need photo retouching to cut out these unnecessary backgrounds and put something that appeals to viewers. Many Ecommerce stores use this to remove dirt during sales.

Correcting colours

When taking pictures, particularly during photo shoots, there are usually lightning errors that are noticed late. Lightning, camera setting and environmental cause colour change which might affect the overall output of the photos.

Solving this problem is easy when using photography retouching. You could change hair colour, for those with grey hair on any part of their body.

Removal of Dust

No reputable eCommerce business likes a dirty or dusty product. Also, it is a problem when trying to remove dust from pictures physically. That’s why using photo retouching helps to get rid of all dust easily.

Scratch Removal

Many used products or old products have scratches caused by mild falling. Others are suffering from wear and tear and need a better look. You can remove these scratches by photo retouching because it becomes more beautiful to viewers.

Frequency adjustment

You can adjust the skin texture of your shots using photo retouching. This fixed skin model looks too sharp or blurred. It is important to help get your pictures to have better layers. You can also retain your tone using image retouching.

Digital styling

For better results in photography, you need digital styling to make your photos attractive. A good example is Snapchat and Instagram photos who don’t look better until several filters are added to them.

How Ecommerce Photo Retouching Helps Boost Sales

Ecommerce photo retouching helps boost sales via high credibility, reduces bounce rates, increases CTR and strong social media presence.

We shall now explain in detail  how Ecommerce Photo Retouching Helps boost sales and get more desired results for your business:

How Ecommerce Photo Retouching Helps Boost Sales

It helps reduce the Bounce rates

Many people are used to user-friendly sites and sites which show clean images. Customers aren’t impressed when they notice imperfections in the photos shown.

Many customers have high standards when it comes to images, therefore using photography retouching helps make your products look better.

When customers see imperfect pictures, they tend to move quickly from the platform; however , when it is retouched, they stay.

Improves customers time on-page

Google loves Ecommerce platforms where customers spend more time on pages. Therefore it ranks pages by how many people visit the platform and how long they stay.

To get customers to stay longer on your eCommerce platform you will need to have products with excellent colours, textures and finesse. Having these pictures allows viewers to zoom in, and this will boost your sales.

Boost your CTR

With the improved Google shopping adverts, clear images of products attract customers better than descriptions and titles.

According to Bloomberg, more than 78% of customers click on ads with great picture quality and affordable rates.

By building credibility and promoting consistency

Viewers are more likely to purchase products from experts than newbies. This is why new Ecommerce businesses look like professionals.

Ecommerce Photo Retouching Helps view your business as reliable and reputable. This is because your products are sleek and very spotless. When you retouch your photos to have a good background and nice edges, customers will view your store as trustworthy.

Polished looks most times makes your brand more credible. So if you want your business to have better sales, retouch your product images.

Reducing return rates

Return rates have negatively harmed many Ecommerce stores. According to Financial Times, more than 32% of products are returned which is two times as high as 9% return rates on offline platforms.

To avoid problems of returns, using Ecommerce photo retouching will limit these returns to single figures.

Many customers have attributed their returns to products looking fake and being different from what was shown.This affirms the fact that photo retouching will boost sales and make returns minimal.

Increase your conversion rate

Ecommerce Photo Retouching will aid your conversion rates. When customers look through your product image and see great quality and enhanced product, they will likely buy the product more than when your image is blurred.

Boost your Ecommerce store social media presence

With the presence of many interesting features on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, many stores make many sales on these platforms. Ecommerce Photo Retouching Helps increase customers sales on these platforms because of the better quality of their products.

Boost your Ecommerce store social media presence

The image of a product is important because viewers are likely to comment and engage your platform on your social media accounts when they are attracted to your products.

Many online shoppers (47%) according to The Economist, say they bought something after seeing a great image of a product on the social media platform.


Photo Retouching is an integral part of photography and makes your pictures look better and appeal to viewers. Businesses who use Ecommerce Photo Retouching are guaranteed better sales and customers.

We have talked about photography retouching and how using Ecommerce Photo Retouching can help boost your sales, hope you had an interesting read.

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