Is Real Estate Photography Profitable?

Real estate photography has become one of the least invested career options for the younger generation. Anyone with creativity, perspective, understanding capability and photography skills can use this as a full-time profession.

Now, here is the main question, is real estate photography profitable? In short, real estate photography might be extremely profitable if you have the right set of skills and equipment. Also, you’ve put a decent amount of time and effort into it.

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However, if you are a beginner and want to start real estate photography as a career, this article has a lot to help to achieve your goal. Read on!

Overview of Real Estate Photography

Selling homes is the goal of photography on real estate. In a crowd of photographers contending for real estate photography, agents are searching for distinctive approaches that would stand out and attract potential clients.

What Is Real Estate Photography?

What is real estate photography

Real estate photography includes taking aesthetic and commercial pictures of a property be it a home, office, apartment, or flats. This is a recognized job for buying and selling properties using digital media.

Who Is Real Estate Photography For?

Commercial photographers that live outside big cities or economic hubs may find real estate photography to be very profitable. In order to connect with businesses and business owners, commercial photography assignments typically demand you to live close to important trade hubs.

On the other hand, real estate can be bought, rented, or sold anywhere. Because of this, real estate photography contracts are both available and beneficial for all types of photographers living at home or abroad.

What Are the Earning Possibilities?

A beginner with basic skills in estate photography can easily make around $250-$300 taking 25-50 shots of properties from different angles. By doing advanced aerial photography or video sessions you can earn even more in a short time and investment.

Is Real Estate Photography Profitable?

Photography is completely dependent on the skills and creativity of an individual that requires no prior study. Like most other profitable branches of photography, real estate photography does offer a handsome amount of financial benefits.

Is Real Estate Photography Profitable

And, That’s one of the core reasons that is hooking many new beginners to professionals in this sector. Below we have covered some benefits that make the profession more lucrative in terms of profitability.

Low-Cost Equipment

Real estate photography is profitable due to low initial investment. Unlike other businesses or startups, you won’t need high capital to become a real estate photographer. Anyone can start real estate photography with a simple digital camera and a medium-range tripod.

With time and earning enough profit, you can switch to high-end gadgets such as a DSLR camera or mirrorless camera. Along with that, you can get different lenses such as zoom lenses or wide angle lenses, which are quite mandatory for taking aesthetic photographs.

For post-production effects, you must get quality photo editing software such as Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. However, basic photo editing can be done effectively using free software as well.

One thing which is a must while editing the real estate photos is a good computer setup with a true tone monitor. Without a good monitor, the edited photographs for digital uses can mismatch with the actual scenarios.

Time and Place Flexibility

Real estate photography is a very flexible job in terms of time and place. You are not required to attend the office from nine to five. Besides, there are no hard and fast attendance rules and daily performance.

Your job completely depends upon your photography skills and creativity. This job gives you the flexibility to complete assignments from any part of the country.

Furthermore, you can also do tasks related to real estate photography via freelancing. All the processes, including meetings, editing, and presentations, can be easily conducted online.

Well-Paid and Profitable

A great shot of real estate can get you well paid by the client. You can make a good deal if you have the proper skills for taking eye-catching photographs. A professional photographer can earn around $110-$300 for 25-50 photos.

Moreover, there is a good opportunity for beginners and interns to earn a profit by doing real estate photography. The cost of real estate photography varies depending on the task.

For $150 to $300, you may photograph a home for a realtor, or for more than $1000, you can take pictures of structures for a real estate magazine. Therefore, you should not be worried about real estate photography income.

A certain approach to succeed as a photographer is the value of your work, connections, advertising, and client referrals. All these will help you to make money as a real estate photographer.

Never Ending Tasks

Real estate photography has no limit in terms of assignments and tasks. People are buying and selling properties every second. And this requires a good marketing flow with continuous involvement of photography.

Hence, if you are planning to take real estate photography as a full-time career, there is nothing to worry about job security. Along with these, there is also scope for learning and earning with real estate image editing and retouching services.

Since there are You will have enormous orders and tasks once you have built your portfolio and reputation as a successful real estate photographer.

How to Get Into Real Estate Photography?

Getting into real estate photography is not an easy task. Especially when there is huge competition in this field, you must make a plan and proper approach while getting into this profession. Below you’ll get some idea of how to start real estate photography from scratch.

How to Get Into Real Estate Photography

Make Proper Connection

At first, to look for jobs or assignments, you need to make positive networking with other photographers in a similar field. It will help you get knowledge about the photography techniques and make further connections with the clients as well.

Learn and Improve Photography Skills

The most important aspect before joining real estate photography is to improve your photography skills. Failure to meet the client’s demand beforehand will create a negative impression on your portfolio and make it harder to get even more tasks.

That is why before bidding on assignments and applying for the post, you should sharpen your skill. Besides, do demo photography alongside others to compare your work and rate it. This will help you learn about the current market demand and places you need to improve.

Get Proper Equipment

Get Proper Equipment to get into real estate photography

To get a stunning shot of a building, room, or house, cheap cameras won’t be helpful. You must get a proper camera setup, tripods, lighting, etc., for a professional shot.

In this career, the client’s engagement entirely depends upon the quality of the shots. That is why try getting a decent setup and practice as much as possible before getting into the profession.

Be Consistent and Determined

Finally, you have to be consistent with real estate photography. Things will come forward over time that will decrease your motivation. And, that is when you have to keep patience and keep working. Only then success will come to you, and you’ll become a successful real estate photographer.

How Much Does a Real Estate Photographer Make?

As a starter, real estate photographers make between $100 to over $1000. It entirely depends upon the photography skills, photo quality, the network between the photographer and client, and the property’s location.

A certified real estate photographer deals on a contract basis. They make around $150 to $300 for a 3000 square feet property and 25-50 shots. However, the price can be even higher for brochures and magazine shots of real estate.

Regarding aerial real estate photography or exterior real estate photography, the price can be as much as $1000 or more. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your gadgets and start real estate photography to make money.

The average income for a Real estate photographer varies depending upon the location and expenses of the residing states.

Location Average Salary (Per annum)
Florida $41000-$61000
Maryland $44977-$66460
Newyork $46807-$69164
New Jersey $48229-$71265


If you are passionate about photography and want to make it your livelihood, real estate photography can be a good option. Hence, you need not worry about whether real estate photography is profitable or not.

It is very profitable and has lots of scope for growth and interpersonal development if you have the proper skills and knowledge. All you need is proper gadgets and a willingness to get started.

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Remember that your goal is to photograph the property so that it sells fast and captures as much attention as possible. We hope this article has been informative and knowledgeable for you to understand about real estate photography and how to get started.

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