Matte Vs Glossy Business Cards: Which One Should You Choose?

If you own or manage a business, you have likely handed out a handful of business cards over the years. Business cards are great for networking events, and having the right business cards can make a good first impression. The question is, Matte vs Glossy business cards– which one should you buy?

When deciding on what type of paper and printing method is right for your business cards, you must consider some factors. Are you looking for something lasting or temporary? Or an aesthetic look is all you need? Let’s find out more!

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Matte Vs Glossy Business Cards: A Quick Comparison

From promotional items to business cards, businesses must strike the right tone with their clients to get noticed. Both Matte and Glossy business cards are designed to accomplish this goal. Choosing the correct business card is critical to making a strong and lasting impression.

This can be difficult when all of your clients use sleek glossy paper with an elegant matte look, or the other way around. When you choose between glossy, smooth business cards or a textured matte one, you should remember that both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Matte Vs Glossy Business Cards

Also, Glossy cards are instantly recognizable as something of quality and are great for designs with sharp, clean lines. They also have a nice bit of extra shine that helps them stand out in a pile compared to other types of cards.

The negatives come in the form of glare. They can seem to flash off of bright surfaces nearby in low-light situations. Overall, it’s all about what you’re going for, and, in most cases, with either style, you’ll make a great impression.

Matte Vs Glossy Business Cards: What Are The Differences?

If you are confused about which card you should choose between matte and glossy, then you are just in the right place. Aesthetically, glossy cards appear richer, but they cost more and will eventually scratch off or become hard to read due to other influences such as sunlight or dirt.

In contrast, matte cards offer a less prominent shiny finish and are often preferred by professional businesses because they appear more authentic and are easier to clean. In addition to durability, another key differentiator between matte and glossy business cards is the price.

Matte Vs. Glossy Business Cards

The price of making a glossy business card is far more than that of a matte business card. So, if you are planning on getting a glossy one, you might have to spend extra on it.

If this is what you are looking for, you will be pleased to know that glossy cards can also be printed with more ink colors than matte cards. nevertheless, matte cards are a good business card choice if their main purpose is for people to know exactly where your office is located.

This type of card may not draw attention as a glossy card would, but it will surely attract those customers who indeed want the information that the card provides. Irrespective of your choice, both thus carry the same information about your business.

In addition, both types are almost of the same size and shape, with some slight variations. Despite having the same purpose, the significant shiny appearance and the high price of the glossy card make it different from the matte business cards.

Matte Business Card Pros

  • Matte cards feel great, enhance readability, and save you money compared to many other types of cards.
  • The matte finish gives your card a luxe feel while keeping your message legible.
  • It is a great option for those looking for a less formal type of business card.
  • These business cards are a perfect option for those who want a classic look.
  • They are cheaper for paper stock, and the quality is second to none.
  • The low shine prevents your image from looking washed out when viewed in daylight.

Matte Business Card Pros

In addition, because they’re not shiny, it’s less likely to reflect light and create glare issues. They are also easier to write on and give that handmade feel. Also, you won’t have to worry about fingerprints as easily.

Moreover, matte cards are ideal for designers and creative professionals who want a style that sets them apart from their peers. The Matte finish combines high color saturation, excellent print quality, and unique paper stock to give you an exclusive business card.

Matte Business Card Cons

The significant setback with matte business cards is that they are not durable and can get damaged easily. You should never allow water to get on the matte business card because it can also damage it.

Also, the color and appearance of these business cards fade over time. It requires lots of maintenance, and you need to clean the cards often to make it look appealing to retain its professional look at all times.

Glossy Business Card Pros

  • With the Glossy finish, colors are bolder and richer, photos appear more vivid and vivid, and the cards shine like new.
  • It will always give a lasting impression that will complement your style all day.
  • The sleek style of Glossy business cards is sure to impress.
  • It’s eye-catchy appearance plays a key role in increasing brand name, organization, or institute among mass people.

Glossy Business Card Pros

Additionally, it can convert the customer’s impression of your product or service in a favorable way. This certainly provides you long-term benefits to promote your business rapidly in the market. Also, its production integrates Image Watermark Remove resistance materials which makes it last longer.

When you have an important business presentation to make, and you want your cards to look as sleek and professional as you do, choose a Glossy business card.

Glossy Business Card Cons

Shiny business cards, also known as glossy, are designed to impress. But there are a few problems you may have to face, such as:

  • Shiny business cards can get dirty, and the dirt sticks around if not cleaned.
  • They easily get scratched and smudged, and can start peeling at the corners after only one week.
  • You always have to clean your fingers because you can always leave a fingerprint on them.
  • It’s hard to see the words on it when light reflects on it.
  • As the same with matte, you should not allow water to touch glossy cards.

Lastly, the price of getting a glossy business card is on the high end. It doesn’t come cheap and affordable like the matter products, and it requires lots of maintenance.

Should Your Business Cards Be Glossy Or Matte?

For those who understand the role of business cards, choosing one between glossy and matte is much easier to do. With the information below, you should have an easy way to pick one from the two.

Should Your Business Cards Be Glossy Or Matte


The manufacturing of the two is different, and the finished product reveals that in their appearance. The matte is smooth, soft to touch, but they do not reflect light like the glossy cards.

The two types of business cards are products of the same chemical coating, but the glossy has a thicker chemical coating, making it shine better.

So, if you are going for a shiny appearance, then the glossy comes on top of the two.


If durability is one of the factors you consider, then the glossy is the best. The added chemical coating, which matte lacks, makes the glossy durable to last longer. It helps it retain its attractive look, shape and is easy to clean.

Matte is likely to fade over time because of the less coating material used in its production. Also, they are easy to peel off and get damaged.


The two thus have to carry your business identities, such as the address and the contacts. On that ground, the matte is the best to consider for easy readability. The glossy business card does have glare with makes the information on the car quite difficult to read under any lighting conditions.


This article on Matte Vs Glossy Business Cards reveals all you need to know about the two cards. The two are both classic options to consider for any business card. Although both types have their similarities and differences, you cannot just pick one and throw away the other.

Still, the choice is left for you to make the one that suits you and your business model. For something durable that will withstand multiple exposures, choose matte over glossy.

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