How To Resize An Image In Paint Tool Sai? – Learn It

Paint Tool SAI is one of the most widely used designs and graphics programs used by casuals to professionals. It’s a lightweight raster graphics software with a bunch of art features and is most popular in the anime and manga community.

Well, Paint Tool Sai has many functions that may seem complicated at first, but you can learn them with proper guidance. And as a new user, if you want to know how to resize an image in paint tool sai, then stick to this article.

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You can easily modify or change the size of an image in Paint Tool Sai with the “Change Size” and “Change Resolution” options. Both these options are easy to use, and follow this article to learn about their usability.

Overview Of The Paint Tool Sai Interface

Paint Tool Sai is a fascinating art tool that is widely popular for offering a lot of effective features for artwork. If you’re an anime or manga lover and want to make or draw anime, nothing can be better than Paint Tool Sai.

Since this raster graphics editor and painting software has a lot of art tools, it may not seem very easy to a beginner. However, once you understand how all the tools work, you can easily understand how user-friendly the Paint Tool Sai interface is.

Overview Of The Paint Tool Sai Interface

This art software offers an array of art features with a user-friendly and straightforward interface system that anybody can easily learn. So you and anybody can be able to create an artwork through Paint Tool Sai’s powerful yet effective user interface.

How To Resize An Image In Paint Tool Sai

If you want to resize image without losing quality on  Paint Tool Sai, then you must follow appropriate guidance. Since there are multiple ways to perform image resizing, make sure you apply the best one.

How To Resize An Image In Paint Tool Sai

Here we’ll show you two different ways to resize your image on Paint Tool Sai, have a look:

1. Change Size (S)

Like other professional photo editing apps, Paint Tool Sai also came up with a specific tool to perform image resizing. Paint Tool Sai will let you perform image resizing with the “Change Size” option, and here we’ll show you how to do so.

Change Size (S)

Step 1: Open the Image

First, open the image you want to edit. Then go to the layer option from the left side and make the layer invisible by clicking the eye of the layer.

Step 2: Go to the Canvas (C)

In the second step, go to the Canvas option from the top editing tools and then select Change Size.

Step 3: Put Your Desired Height and Width Length

Now put your discard width and height size on the pop-up window and click ok.

Step 4: Go to the layer option

Again go to the layer option on the left side and make the layer visible again by clicking the eye.

Step 5: Go to the Layer Menu from the Upper Editing Options

Click on the layer tool from the upper editing tools or menu and select transform.

Step 6: Drag the Image

Now you’ll see a box with your image’s dimensions. Hold the shift key from the keyboard and drag the image with one of the corners. Keep dragging the image and position it on the main canvas size.

Step 7: Keep Dragging

Keep dragging the image until it comes up with your desired size. Once you’re done, press enter.

See how easy it is. You can resize any image or your artwork on Paint Tool Sai through this option. Remember to hold the shift button while dragging the image and never drag the transform box with the sides.

2. Change Resolution (R)

After resizing your image, sometimes the resizing option can decrease the image quality or resolution, resulting in a lousy look. There is an option in Paint Tool Sai which will let you do both image resizing and increase the resolution. You can do it with the “Change Resolution” option and check the below section to know learn it.

Change Resolution (R)

First Step: Open the Image

Open the picture you want to edit or increase resolution.

Step Two: Select the Canvas Option

Now select the Canvas (C) option from the upper menu bar.

Step Three: Make a Change For Resolution

From there choose “Change   (R.)” Here, you’ll see a lot of options and change Pixel width and height as your preference for resolution.

Step Three: Make a change for size

After changing the pixel height and width, you can now change the height and width for resizing.  This option will let you change both the resolution and size of your artwork or image.

Well, for resizing, you can change both height and weight with your preferable pixel number. However, when you want to change the resolution, only change the weight pixel number for the horizontal image. And to change the height pixel to change the resolution of the vertical image.


Unlike a bunch of art programs, Paint Tool Sai offers useful features and functions that allow performing artwork effortlessly. And this tool also comes with an easy interface system so that anybody can be able to use it without any confusion.

When you’re performing any artwork in Paint Tool Sai, you may need to resize your work and even the entire image. And since you know how to resize an image in paint tool sai, you can easily perform image size modification activities. Alongside modifying the size, now you also know how to increase the resolution as well.

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