How Much To Charge For Background Removal?

Whether a professional photographer or an amateur, removing the background from a photo can be quite a challenge for anyone. It all depends on the complexity of the image and your skills. But if you do have the skill, you can actually charge for the service. But how much to charge for background removal?

The cost for background removal will vary depending on the complexity of your photo. For a photo with simple background removal, the average cost for background removal is $3 – $10 per photo.

However, the price will increase with a more complex photo, such as one with multiple people or with challenging lighting (for example, a photograph taken in low light). Therefore, the price for removing the background of that kind of photo may be higher.

In addition to the price to remove the background, the number of photos you provide also influences the pricing. As you can already tell a lot of factors affect how much to charge for background removal. Worry not, this article will answer all your questions.

Key takeaway:

  • The number of images and the quality will surely influence the price of background removal.
  • The service provider you choose has a great impact on the quality of the work you get.
  • Many things will affect the pricing of background removals, such as the editor’s skills and experience, number of corrections, number of images and many more.

What’s Included in The Price of Background Removal?

Removing background from any image comes at a cost, and some things affect the cost. So, sometimes you might have to ask your photo editor to know so that you can either remove some to meet your budget or not.

What’s Included in The Price of Background Removal

The things included in the price of the background removal include:

The Quality Of The Photo

The price for editing will vary entirely on the quality of the photo. Sometimes there are poor lighting, clutter, and distractions in the photo, which will affect the image’s entire outlook. So, if the task requires the complete removal of the background and adding another one, it might come with extra cost.

Client Requirements For The Photo

The demand of the client and the requirement for the photo edit contributes to the price of the background removal. A client demanding a complex edit will pay more than the one with a simple edit.

Experience Level Of The Photo Editor

Also, the experience of the photo editor is included in the price of the background removal. Therefore, most people opt for novice and beginners and pay twice because they get less satisfied with the outcome. It is why most people choose to opt for experts in the field.

Knowing that you are paying for their skills and experience, you can only get their service.

Delivery of the photo

The delivery of the photo is also included in the pricing. So, if you get a soft copy, the price will be different from a hard copy. Also, the client praying for the delivery will reduce the price compared to the photo editor delivering it to a specific destination.

What Are The Average Background Removal Rates?

Background removals are an important part of image editing. Whether you’re removing a person from an image or a distracting background, the more you know about what to do, the easier it will be for you to do. In addition, knowing what to expect with the average background removal rates helps you put things into perspective when deciding if it is worth your time.

The background removal rate varies depending on what your image may contain, the time and the style or method required in removing the background. Here are some important things you need to consider that influence the background removal rate.

Price Per Hour

Most professional photo editors today charge per hour, which has nothing to do with the number of images they have to work on. The price per hour varies based on the location, the editor’s skills and experience.

However, you should expect to spend $10 and above per hour. Mind you, a beginner photo editor might charge below that.

Price Per Image

Also, another means of charging for the price of background removal is based on the number of images you want to edit. Some charge per image, which means the price for one image will be lower than the one with multiple images.

Price Per Project

The price per project is one of the ways photo editors charge for their services. The rate of the project or demand of the project will tell on the price given by the photo editor. Unfortunately, the average price is quite hard to give because the price varies with many factors involved.

How Much to Charge for Background Removal?

The truth is that most customers know what is good and can easily tell the difference between a good service to a bad one. So, if you are a talented photographer with a well-equipped studio and great skills and experience, you should not be scared to charge the right amount for any task.

How Much To Charge For Background Removal

The price for removing backgrounds is solid but flexible enough to cover most budgets. While the minimum amount will be in the range of $5 to $15, many factors can affect the cost of your photo removal job.

If you are charging by the hour, you should bill within $10 to $45 per hour based on your experience. When charging a flat fee per image, the best place to start is $15 and above. And if you are unsure how much to charge, it’s best to ask your fellow how much they charge.

Also, you need to know that the charging rate varies with several factors influencing it. For example, you can charge per hour, per image, per project, etc. So, just ensure that you get the right payment and do the right job for your clients in all you do.

What Factors Will Affect the Background Removal Rate?

Many factors can affect the background removal rate. A few of them are what kind of background you are taking out, what resolution you are editing it at and how many edits you are making throughout the photo.

What Factors Will Affect the Background Removal Rate


Most photo editors use software to remove background, edit and make the necessary correction to images. While some software is free to acquire, some cost a huge amount of money and affect the charge or the rate of background removal.

Companies that use free software will charge lower than those using paid or advanced software because they have to pay for a subscription, which comes with higher renewal costs.

Photo Editor Experience And Skills

You get many benefits when you give out your photo edit work to a professional. However, there have been cases where people get disappointed with the service, they get with background removal and photo editing, and that is because they get the service of a novice or beginner editor.

It is why you should always opt for the service of a professional. However, the pricing for a professional photo editor with years of experience cost you more than what a beginner will charge you.

Numbers Of Corrections

The number of corrections you make with a photo also influences your price for background removal or photo editing. Some editors will give two to three corrections with the service charge. The client will have to pay extra for any other correction outside the one given.

Numbers Of Images

The number of images or projects you want to edit also greatly impacts the pricing. If you edit one image, the price will differ from editing 5 to 10 images. So, the number of images influences the pricing of photo editing.

Size And Quality Of The Images

Also, the size and quality of the images are influencers to the pricing of photo edits. If the photo you want to edit will require a high level of skills to achieve client’s demand, you should expect to earn more for such service.

Removing background from an image might have a fixed cost, but if you have to change the color, resolution, alter the brightness or image positioning, you should charge more for those extra actions.

5 Best Background Removal Service Provider

To save you the stress of looking around for a background removal service provider, we have the lists of those that you need to consider. They are top-rated in this industry, and you can rely on them for the best photo editing work.

1. Clippingfly.Com

At, you can always get quality and satisfaction in the service rendered, especially in removing backgrounds. The team is highly qualified, passionate and dedicated to providing the highest quality results at an affordable rate.


With quality years of experience and a talented team, you are assured of the best work as the team always goes all out to meet clients’ expectations and needs.

Clippingfly is the best background removal service provider for all images, such as commercials, glamor, catalog, portrait, etc. They have the superior technology and service capability to help you remove background information quickly and efficiently.

Also, Clippingfly is a leading service provider for photo clipping paths, Photoshop Compositing, and other related services. The vision is to help photographers and designers to step up their service levels by delivering the best to their customers.

There are lots of good things you enjoy from using their services. You have the free trial to test-run their services, the platform and interface are easy for anyone to use, and the pricing will not make you go bankrupt, unlike some other platforms.

Overall, Clippingfly is a good platform for all designers and marketers, considering the achievement through the years and good customer reviews. With over 10000 customers globally and 100 percent high-quality service delivery, you can never regret choosing their service.

2. is an online service for people worldwide who want to remove their background from pictures or videos. The platform offers you a unique, safe, and guaranteed way to create better versions of your photos or remove unwanted objects from your videos.

The platform is free and easy to use for all. The good side of it is that you can use it even without signing up for membership but with limited things you can do. However, to enjoy the full service of the platform, you have to be a member and pay for the subscription.

3. Removal.Ai is one of the best background removal service providers. The company boasts software that enables businesses to quickly and easily perform photo and video content editing, such as removing unwanted objects from images with increased sophistication through deep learning technology.


Also, the platform uses proprietary technology to deliver the highest quality background removal services possible. Using an algorithm that identifies and convolves what is important in a photo with utmost precision, you can always expect professional-grade results to suit your creative project needs.

4. Fixthephoto

Fixthephoto is a fast-growing and innovative service that helps users remove unwanted objects from their photos. Why waste hundreds of dollars on unprofessional editing services when you can use one of the best tools for free?


The Fixthephoto uses advanced face detection and non-destructive photo editing methods to do the job. It’s free, and suitable for beginners to professionals. However, you have to pay for advanced services to get the best from the platform.

Some of the services include image restoration, real estate photo editing, photo manipulation, background removal, etc. It is a good platform that is perfect for all sectors.

5. Pixelz

Pixelz is the best-patented background removal service provider. So, if you need a company that does image editing at fair prices and within a reasonable amount of time, contact Pixelz. The service you get from the platform includes retouching, shadows removal, color match, clipping paths and many more.


To use the service, you need to sign up and then pay to enjoy the best of the service. The company has the best team with trained professionals who can create a visual effect of eliminating your objects from the scene in just no time.


This post on how much to charge for background removal is an eye-opener for anyone looking into entering the business. Unfortunately, not every photo editor knows their worth or how much to charge for their services.

The information here will let you know lots about charging your client in the right way and reveal some of the best background removal service providers you should consider if you’re the client.

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