How To Edit Jewelry Photos In Photoshop – [Know In Details]

Jewelry is one of the appealing accessories for human beings, especially for women. They enhance the beauty of a person on special occasions. Women prefer to wear jewelry at special events as it makes them look more beautiful. If you have a Jewelry business or something similar, you will need good images of the products to showcase. If you can’t get jewelry retouching services for the products, don’t worry.

We are going to show you how to edit jewelry photos in photoshop even if you’re not a professional. You will need photoshop tools and a PC to perform the tasks. Editing Jewelry photos in photoshop will make your products look better. You will get a better engagement if you present your products with a better look.

Check this article to know more about editing Jewelry Photos –

What Are The Photoshop Tools Used For Editing Jewelry Photos?

This depends on what type of editing you need. There are some common photoshop tools required for editing jewelry photos. Including the tools, you will need to use the adjustment options as well to make your Jewelry look better in photoshop. Check the list of the most useful tool and adjustments you may need to use to edit your Jewelry photos –

  • Spot Healing Tool: Spot healing tool is a common tool available in photoshop that is used to remove any spot with just a single click. This is available in the left toolbar. Select this tool and click on any spot you want to remove from the picture.
  • Sharpen Tool: Sharpen tool is used to make the image clearer. If you have a jewelry image with stones, using the sharpen tool will enhance the visibility of the stones and will make them look new.
  • Brightness/Contrast: This is an adjustment available on photoshop. To get a quick fix of the image, you may try this adjustment available on the right bar of the application.
  • Background Removal: The updated version of photoshop has a built-in background removal feature. This will save you from manually selecting the image.

These are the most common tools used for editing jewelry photos. If you have a basic idea about these tools, you are ready to go. Get the best image of your jewelry product and let’s make it more beautiful. For a good beautification, you will need to use lots of tools and adjustments. So, get an idea about the photoshop tools to make the best jewelry beautification.

How To Edit Jewelry Photos In Photoshop

There are so many ways to improve the visual of an image. Let’s start with the most basic one. You need to find the part that needs to be improved in the photo. Let’s check out some of the photoshop editings that will make your jewelry image look better than ever –

How To Edit Jewelry Photos In Photoshop

To edit or retouch an image, you should import the image into Photoshop first.

Create a duplicate layer by pressing Ctrl+J on Windows and Command + J onMac. Now, you need to observe the image and find what can be improved. You should try the adjustments to check what makes the image look better.

Check before after

This modification is done by changing only one value. Increasing the contrast made the Jewelry look better. It is now more appealing and looks like there is now more detail than before. So, how to increase the contrast of an image in Photoshop?

  • Once you have imported the image into photoshop, look for the adjustment panel on the right side.
  • The first option in the adjustment panel is Brightness/Control.
  • You will be able to change the contrast and brightness from here.

In this picture, changing the brightness won’t make it look better. Depending on your picture, adjust the values of Brightness and Contrast and check which looks better. For this Jewelry image, only the contrast value is changed. It was changed to 100 from 0.

adjust the values of Brightness and Contrast

This one is the most common and easiest photoshop for Jewelry photos in photoshop.

Background Removal

Background removal is another common photoshop method that is required for Jewelry photos. You will be able to remove the background and add any background that matches the image. Sometimes, you may need a blank background to add product and company details. So, how to remove the background of a Jewelry photo –

1. Auto Removal

  • First of all, import the Jewelry image into Photoshop.
  • Duplicate the layer by using Control + J[Windows] or Command + J [Mac]
  • Search for Properties from the Window option

Search for Properties from the Window option

  • Search for Quick Action and click on it
  • You will find the Background Removal option there

Background Removal option

As the application performs this action through AI, the background will be perfectly removed if it was simple and easy to detect. Otherwise, you need to manually select and remove the background.

2. Manual Method

Check the manual process to remove the background from a Jewelry image below –

In this process, you need to select the Jewelry product manually.

  • First, select the jewelry product.
  • Go to Quick Actions following the previous method and select ‘Select Subject’. Photoshop will try to capture but it may not get perfect.

Manual Method

Check the picture. The jewelry isn’t properly selected by using the ‘Select Subject’ option. You won’t be able to remove the background by using this selection. So, you need to get the complete selection of that object.

Quick Selection Tool

To get the perfect selection of the jewelry, use the Quick Selection Tool and adjust the selection by using the Add to Selection or Subtract from Selection option.

remove the background

Here, we completed the selection of the jewelry. Now, we can remove the background by inverting the selection. To invert the selection press Ctrl+Shift+I. Now, select ‘Delete’ to remove the background.

Delete to remove the background

The final output

final output

The final output may not be as expected but you will be able to present your jewelry to social sites or others.

3. Add More Detail

Let’s have a look at another jewelry photoshop tutorial. So, how to add more detail to your jewelry image. This can be done by using the default ‘Sharpen’ feature. To enhance the detail of your image, import the image in photoshop and select the filter option.

Smart Sharpen

Filter > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen

Adjust the values and check the changes

Adjust the values and check the changes. Changing the Amount and Radius will sharpen the image and will enhance the detail. This will help you to get a better jewelry image if you have a low-quality image of your product.

before after

4. Beautify Stones

Here comes another jewelry photo editing trick. As you know stones or diamonds are a common part of jewelry. If you can beautify them, the jewelry will look more beautiful and appealing. If the stone is not shining, it will look old and won’t attract users much. So, how do you beautify the stones of a Jewelry?

Import the image and duplicate the layer using Control+J[windows] or Command+J[Mac]. Select Sharpen Tool from the left toolbar.

Select Sharpen Tool from the left toolbar

  • Apply the Sharpen Brush to the stones of the image.
  • Make sure you selected the layer of the image.
  • Keep applying till you notice a shiny effect on the stones.

Check the difference between the stones in this image

Check the difference between the stones in this image. The stones are looking fresher and better on the 2nd one. This is how you present your jewelry with a touch of photoshop.


Using Photoshop will get you high-end jewelry retouching. You won’t need any professional experience with the software to complete these photoshop actions. Follow the instructions mentioned in this article and try to understand the change happening in your image. To get the best output, keep practicing with different jewelry images. Don’t change the image tone too much as it will make the jewelry look fake. Keep it simple and try to make it look more attractive to the users or audiences.

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